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Sunday, 3 October 2010

A history test …

Where was the first recorded meeting of the Scottish Parliament held?

Kirkliston in 1235 – The Estates of Scotland met there, probably in the bowling club or in the new function room of the Hotel, or more likely, the Kirk. I just missed it – I came to Kirkliston in 1983, just 748 years too late.

Alex Salmond should consider a visit to Kirkliston in the light of this. It’s the least we can expect. I was born in the 700th anniversary year of this historic occasion, but I can’t wait for the 800th anniversary in 2035, although I hope I’m still around for it, clutching my 100th birthday telegram from the First Minister of an independent Scotland – or maybe a King or Queen of Scots.

So there’s an invite for you, Alex – I’m sure Norman Work can arrange it. Bring whoever you like, providing they behave themselves and pay for their own drink. If you want a dance, I’ll pay for the band. You can’t say fairer than that …

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